Feb 15, 2024

Man Attempts Self-Immolation at Prague Anti-Israel Protest

Approximately 100 people congregated outside the Israeli embassy in Prague yesterday evening (February 14th), voicing their opposition to the Israeli offensive against Palestinians.

The demonstration, organized by the “Not in Our Name!” initiative, saw protesters carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans like “Free Palestine” and “Hands off Rafah.”

During the rally, a concerning incident unfolded as a participant doused himself with flammable liquid and attempted self-immolation.

Fortunately, swift intervention by vigilant police officers prevented him from succeeding.

“Police officers supervising the announced rally in Prague 6 swiftly intervened when a participant poured flammable liquid on himself and attempted to set himself alight,” authorities stated on the X network.

“The Department of Extremism and Terrorism’s criminal investigators will handle the incident, and the individual was transferred to medical professionals for treatment.”

Several speakers addressed the gathering, emphasizing the plight of Gaza civilians caught in the crossfire of the Israeli response to Hamas attacks in October 2023.

Particular attention was drawn to the dire situation in Rafah, the primary refuge for those fleeing war-torn areas. The speakers condemned Israel’s actions, labeling them as “genocide.”

Across the street, a smaller group of pro-Israel supporters gathered peacefully. No altercations between the opposing groups were reported, with police maintaining a watchful presence throughout the demonstration.

The Israeli offensive, launched in response to Hamas attacks that claimed 1,200 lives and abducted over 200 individuals according to Israeli authorities, has resulted in heavy civilian casualties in Gaza.

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