Jan 18, 2024

Metronome Prague 2024 Welcomes “The Blaze” for a Premier Performance

The French duo “The Blaze” made up of two cousins, Guillaume Alric and Jonathan Alric, will perform at Metronome Prague this June! 

Both came to music from the world of film and photography, which is evident not only in their powerfully narrative music videos with hundreds of millions of views, for which they have collected numerous awards, but also in their performances.

In their sets, they combine music production with their cinematic art. Seeing The Blaze live is therefore an audio-visual experience that draws the audience into emotional stories told for the ears and eyes.

The Alric cousins founded the band in 2016. Their first music video for the song “Virile” shot them into the limelight, followed by the track “Territory” from the upcoming EP of the same name. The music videos have helped the band win several awards and nearly 100 million views.

Videos for the songs “Queens” and “Heaven” followed, preparing the audience for the arrival of their debut album “Dancehall”. This cemented their long-standing status on the international music scene.

“I am incredibly happy that we will finally welcome The Blaze to Prague at Metronome. It’s a bit of a dream come true. For the last six years, The Blaze has played the biggest festivals and this spring they are going to fill European arenas. One of the biggest names the French electronic scene has to offer. I can’t wait,” says Anthony Jouet, International Artist Booker.

Guillaume and Jonathan Alric explain, ‘We try to find human elements or aspects in places where happiness is not so obvious or prominent. We then draw inspiration from these places to create poems and contrasts in our work.’

The new album “Jungle” is built on unusual synth-produced rhythms that act as a welcome electronic foundation around which The Blaze weave their musical canvas.

Beyond the music, Metronome Prague will offer many surprises that visitors will only discover during the event itself, as well as a rich supporting program.

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