May 16, 2024

Morning Briefing │ May, Thursday 16th, 2024


Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is no longer in a “life-threatening situation” after he was shot multiple times in an assassination attempt, a senior minister has said. The 59-year-old populist, pro-Russian leader was shot multiple times as he greeted people in the town of Handlová, about 190km from Bratislava.


Czechia crushed Denmark 7-4 in a World Championship group stage game on Wednesday. The victory marks the Czechs’ first win over Denmark in regulation time at a major tournament in over a decade. The Czech Republic’s next Group A game is against Austria on Friday.


It should be mainly overcast in Czechia on Thursday, with an average high temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. More cloudy skies are expected on the following days.


The owner of Royal Mail has said it is “minded” to accept a revised takeover bid by Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky. The latest offer from Mr Kretinsky’s investment firm EP Group values the Royal Mail parent company International Distribution Services (IDS) at £3.5bn.


The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute extended the fire danger warning in Prague until Friday, May 17, at midnight. In line with the warning, people should refrain from building campfires, smoking or heating meals on portable cookers out in the open.

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