May 09, 2024

Morning Briefing │ May, Thursday 9th, 2024


During the Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague and Ostrava from May 10th to 26th, the Prague Transport Company (DPP) will increase B line metro frequency and tram services. Visitors are urged to use public transport, though event tickets won’t suffice for travel. Some streets will be off-limits to non-residents, particularly around the O2 Arena in Libeň.


The Czech Republic is aiming to deliver 180,000 pieces of artillery ammunition to Ukraine next month, Czech President Petr Pavel said on Wednesday. “It is essential to support Ukraine by all means so that it can make it clear to the Russian aggressor that there is no point in continuing the war; that Russia will not achieve any further military successes,” he said.


Thursday will be mostly sunny with day temperatures ranging between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.


The construction industry in the Czech Republic has witnessed a significant setback. In March, the industry experienced a year-on-year decline of 8.3 percent. Compared to February, the sector’s performance was lower by 7.9 percent, indicating a challenging phase. Construction output, especially in the building construction sector, has decreased 11.1 percent year over year.

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Czech sport shooter Martin Podhráský won the gold medal in the men’s 25 metre rapid fire pistol event at the World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, on Wednesday. The 40-year-old Czech, who has already secured a spot at the Olympic Games in Paris, beat China’s Wang Xinjie in the final, securing his first World Cup medal in 13 years.

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