Mar 19, 2024

Morning Briefing │ Tuesday, March 19th, 2024


The Czech Republic has submitted a proposal to the European Commission (EC) for a Czech penicillin factory, Health Minister Vlastimil Valek (TOP 09) announced in a discussion show on TV Nova yesterday. He said it was premature to talk about the region in which the factory would be built.

Last December, Valek said that the construction of the penicillin factory should start by the end of the government’s term, but did not elaborate.


The Faculty of Arts at Charles University is enhancing security measures following the tragic December 21 shooting in which a student shot and killed 14 people in the building and injured 25 others. Plans include modifying the gatehouse for better oversight, crisis training for students and staff, and a detailed security analysis of the main building. Repairs on the damaged fourth floor are progressing as scheduled.


KB begins reimbursement of Sberbank clients Komerční banka disbursed CZK 3.114 billion to 582 Sberbank CZ creditors on the first payout day through its branches. The process, running until April 15, ensures cashless transactions to Czech bank accounts. Over 15,000 creditors anticipate a total payout of approximately CZK 57 billion.


The Czech president, Petr Pavel, has granted permission to 20 Czech citizens to join the armed forces of Ukraine, his spokesperson said on Monday. By contrast, Mr. Pavel, a former senior soldier who has been in the post for just over a year, turned down 56 requests from Czechs seeking to help Ukraine repel its Russian invaders.


West Ham United midfielder Tomáš Souček has been voted best Czech footballer of the year for the third time in his career. The captain of the Czech national team, who is 29, received the award in a ceremony in Prague on Monday night.

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