Jan 21, 2024

National Gallery Prague Celebrates 228 Years with Free Admission

National Gallery Prague celebrates 228 years with free admission to permanent exhibitions on February 3–4.

The permanent exhibitions include 20th-century art at Veletržní palác, medieval art in the Convent of St. Agnes, and old masters in the Schwartzenberg and Sternberg palaces. Temporary exhibits in these and other venues are not included. No reservations are required.

Here are our tips for what to see:

1) The Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia

Not many people know about this hidden gem. Housed within one of the city’s oldest gothic buildings, this gallery offers a well-thought-out tour of medieval and early Renaissance Czech art. There is also an exhibition on the architectural history of the building itself and in the convent’s gardens you will find a sculpture tour, containing contemporary pieces by leading Czech artists.

2) The Kinsky Palace

The Kinsky Palace, located on Old Town Square, is one of the National Gallery’s most visited attractions. It is home to a permanent exhibition called “The Art of Asia”. Containing paintings, graphic art, ceramics, bronze ware, pottery and metal work from Japan, China, Korea, Tibet, and South and Southeast Asia, this exhibition is one of the most significant collections of Asian art in Europe.

3) The Trade Fair Palace

This huge building currently contains 5 temporary and 2 permanent exhibitions and is a must-visit for connoisseurs of modern art. You can take a stroll through the development of Czech art from the mid-19th century to modern day. You can also explore the international art scene of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Some of the temporary exhibits are a bit more eccentric but there really is something for everybody in this massive four story building.

Other National Gallery Locations, where you will find free exhibitions this weekend are:

The Sternberg Palace (Hradčanské náměstí 15, Prague 1)

The Schwarzenberg Palace (Hradčanské náměstí 2, Prague 1)

The Salm Palace (Hradčanské náměstí 2, Prague 1)

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