Oct 25, 2023

Czechia to Prosecute Pro-Russian Activist Who Called for Country’s ‘De-Ukrainization’

Czech authorities are preparing to prosecute Nela Liskova, a pro-Russian activist who styled herself as an “honorary consul” to Russian occupation authorities in Donetsk Oblast, for spreading hatred against Ukrainians online, Czech Television reported on Oct. 25.

Liskova, a Czech citizen who is, according to local fact-checking sites, close to the country’s pro-Russian disinformation sphere, called Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky a “Nazi monster” in her post on the social media platform X in June.

“De-Ukrainization and de-Nazification of the Czech Republic, that will be our task!” Liskova wrote in a statement that prompted an investigation by law enforcement.

The Czech police recently completed their investigation into Liskova’s post and handed her case over to the State Prosecutor’s Office, Czech Television reported.

The prosecutors relayed the matter to the court, asking for her to be prosecuted for “spreading hatred toward a group of persons.”

Liskova claims, however, that she was only commenting on Zelensky and called her statements “personal political views.”

The activist used to lead a Czech-based organization that presented itself as the “representative office” of Russian occupation authorities in Donetsk Oblast. Liskova styled herself as an “honorary consul” to Russian proxy authorities, according to Czech Television.

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The group was reportedly active from 2016 until its dissolution by the court in 2017.

The Czech fact-checking website Manipulatori.cz said that Liskova has actively spread pro-Russian disinformation online and cooperated with propaganda channels run by Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine.

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