Jul 02, 2024

NHL Unveils 2024-25 Schedule with Season Starting in Prague

The National Hockey League revealed its 2024-25 season schedule on Tuesday, with the campaign set to begin October 4-5 with games in Prague before the North American slate starts October 8.

The Buffalo Sabres will face the New Jersey Devils in Prague for two games in the NHL Global Series to launch the 1,312-game regular-season schedule.

The return of the NHL to Prague after two years was announced on March 12. The last time two games between San Jose and Nashville were played at the O2 Arena was in 2022.

The premiere in Prague was in 2008, featuring the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Two years later, Boston Bruins faced the Phoenix Coyotes twice at the O2 Arena. In 2019, the Philadelphia Flyers played the Chicago Blackhawks. This year, the Dallas Stars and Florida Panthers will also be in Europe, playing in Tampere on November 1 and 2.

The first North American contests will be October 8 when the Florida Panthers raise their first Stanley Cup championship banner in a home opener against the Boston Bruins.

Other games that night find Utah, the relocated Arizona Coyotes franchise, playing host to the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis at Seattle.

There will be two other regular-season contests in Europe when the Panthers face the Dallas Stars in Tampere, Finland, on November 1-2.

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Each club will play 82 games before the season ends on April 17. Every NHL team will play on October 22.

There will be two rematch games of last month’s best-of-seven Stanley Cup Final, Florida beating Edmonton 4-3 in the best of seven game series.

The Panthers will visit Edmonton on December 16 and host the Oilers on February 27.

From February 10-21, the NHL will take a break for the Four Nations Tournament. From February 12-20, teams from Canada, Finland, Sweden, and the USA, comprised entirely of NHL players, will compete in Montreal and Boston.

This new tournament, featuring seven games in total, will replace the NHL All-Star Game.

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