Dec 04, 2023

Starting October 1, 2024, Electric Cars Will No Longer be Able to Park in Prague for Free

Hena Takal

Hena Takal

In the Czech Republic, one of the perks of driving an electric car has been the ability to park for free in paid zones.

However, Prague City is set to make significant changes by discontinuing this privilege.

Originally scheduled to end by the close of the current year, the cessation of free parking for electric cars in Prague is now scheduled to begin on October 1st of the following year.

After that, electric cars will still have the benefit of free parking in paid zones, but only at charging stations and exclusively during the charging process. In other areas, standard parking fees will apply.

“We will have to end support for electric cars that park for free. It is something that made sense in the past, but now it no longer makes sense. An electric car takes up space like any other car,” Prague Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib said.

The change will most impact commuters from outside of the city, who in recent years have become accustomed to parking their electric cars in Prague without restrictions. Many of them will now either have to pay for parking or commute by other means.

The idea of free parking for electric cars came during the administration of Mayor Adriana Krnáčová, who promoted the idea of emission-free transport in the capital by 2025. The regulation came into effect in 2019.

While free parking is coming to an end, electric car owners in Prague will have the option of discounted annual parking permits for designated purple zones.

These zones are reserved for residents with permanent residence, property owners, and entrepreneurs. Open to anyone for a maximum of 24 hours after payment, residents receive additional benefits.

Electric car owners, including those in taxis or delivery vehicles, will also enjoy additional perks. They will be able to park for free for 15 or 30 minutes in blue zones.

Additionally, Prague City Hall is actively working on transitioning the entire taxi service system to electromobility. This change will impact both traditional taxis with rooftop signs and alternative taxi vehicles from companies like Bolt or Uber.

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