Apr 16, 2024

No Trams Between Vodičková and Jindřišská for Three Months

Prague’s iconic Wenceslas Square is set for a major makeover, with construction kicking off on June 29th, 2024.

The large-scale project, expected to last three years, was officially announced by city officials on April 15th.

A key aspect of the renovation is the return of tram service to the upper part of the square.

New tracks will be laid, stretching from the National Museum to Můstek metro station, where they’ll connect with existing lines running along Vodičková and Jindřišská streets.

However, there’s a temporary downside for tram commuters during the initial construction phase. The Jindřišská-Vodičková tram section will be closed for three months, from June 29th to September 30th, 2024.

The Prague Transport Company will provide detailed information on revised tram routes closer to the closure date.

About the new project

The project’s scope encompasses not only the creation of the new tram line, but also all associated necessities, such as road and sidewalk reconstructions, re-routing of utilities, and essential modifications to subway vestibule ceilings.

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Compared to its historical route, the new tram tracks will follow the sides of Wenceslas Square, creating a pedestrian promenade in the middle.

This redesign comes with widened sidewalks, a dedicated cycling lane, a new line of trees, and a reduction in parking spaces.

Tram tracks running the length of the square were removed in 1980.

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