May 10, 2024

Over Half of Czechs Drive to Work, Raising Questions About Sustainability

Cars are the most popular way for people to commute to work in the Czech Republic.

In fact, nearly 55% of workers rely on cars to get to their jobs. This is based on the latest data available from the Czech Statistical Office. In Prague, over 30%, commute by car.

The Karlovy Vary region has the highest proportion of people who drive to work.

There, two-thirds of commuters get behind the wheel every day. “In areas with lower population density and limited public transportation options, a car is often the only way for employees to get to work,” says Aleš Polák, CEO of leasing company Arval.

The high number of people driving to work creates problems on Czech roads. This leads to more frequent traffic jams and can also negatively impact emissions and safety, as Polák points out.

“The heavy reliance on car commuting is an environmental issue in the Czech Republic. The country has one of the oldest car fleets in the EU, with an average age exceeding 16 years last year. Many of these older cars are driven in the regions where people depend on them most to get to work. This results in a higher risk of accidents and poorer air quality due to vehicle emissions,” explains Arval’s Polák.

Companies in the regions are lagging behind those in big cities when it comes to adopting greener transportation options.

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The density of traffic during peak hours significantly impacts the number of accidents at those times. Police statistics show that most accidents across the Czech Republic occur daily during the busiest morning and afternoon hours.

“The majority of accidents happen during morning rush hour, between 7-10 am, and then again in the afternoon rush hour, between 2-5 pm. This trend is consistent across all regions of the Czech Republic. While Prague and its surroundings see the most accidents during these times, the Karlovy Vary Region has the fewest,” explains Polák.

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