Mar 07, 2024

Peace at Last? Old Town Traffic Ban is Back on Table

Prague residents seeking peace and quiet at night may soon get their wish. Prague 1 authorities are reviving a proposal to restrict nighttime traffic entry in a specific area.

District Councillor  Vojtěch Ryvola announced that the proposal will likely be submitted to the official district board within days. This comes after a previous attempt to implement a similar ban last November was overturned by the city’s Department of Roads.

According to Ryvola, this time around, Prague 1 has ensured proper communication with the city authorities before submitting the proposal.

Last year’s attempt involved the installation of signs prohibiting non-essential traffic entry between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM in an area bordered by Dvořák Embankment, Pařížská Street, Old Town Square, and Revoluční Street.

The goal was to address long-standing noise complaints from residents, particularly those living on Dlouhá Street, known for its concentration of late-night establishments.

However, Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda expressed his disapproval, highlighting the lack of prior communication between Prague 1 and the city.

The signs were subsequently declared invalid while city officials criticized Prague 1 for bypassing established procedures and failing to consult them beforehand.

Ryvola confirmed that the new proposal has been discussed with the city’s transportation director and adjusted based on their feedback. He emphasized that the changes were mostly procedural, and the core of the restriction remains similar to last year’s attempt.

He said the ban mainly targets the young people who like to drive around the Old Town in powerful cars at night, or hold races in the vicinity of Dlouha.

The measure gives the city police a tool to launch systematic checks and start issuing fines to those who see night trips to the historic centre as just a frolic.


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