Apr 23, 2024

Pedal Power! Prague Makes Major Investment in Cycling Infrastructure

Prague City has announced a significant budget of CZK 137 million for this year to promote sustainable transportation solutions.

Deputy Mayor Zdeněk Hřib and Josef Richter, Deputy Director of the Technical Communications Administration (TSK), unveiled ambitious plans to expand and improve the city’s cycling network. The focus will be on key routes designated A1 through A9, which are vital for connecting different areas of Prague.

Major Upgrades on Key Routes

One of the main projects includes the expansion of the A1 cycle path in Radotín. To accommodate the growing number of cyclists, the path will be widened, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride. A new 1,700-meter section will be constructed between the Vyšehrad railway bridge and the new Dvorecký bridge, transforming previously unusable pavement into a cyclist-friendly route.

The A2 right-bank cycle route will also see an 800-meter upgrade near Podolský nábřeží. Cyclists can finally rejoice as the long-awaited A7 route will see the addition of a long-awaited 900-meter section linking the Kačerov metro station to the U Labutě cycling hub in Krč, after over 15 years of planning.

Local Initiatives Complement City-Wide Plans

Complementing these major projects are local district initiatives. Prague 19 is set to refurbish two kilometers of combined pedestrian and cyclist paths on the A431 route between Kbely and Hutě, effectively connecting the trails around Praha-Kbely Airport into a unified network.

In Prague 14, the A8 cycle route at Českobrodská street will be finalized, enhancing connectivity to the Jiráskova quarter and Průmyslová street underpass. Furthermore, the municipal council of Prague 22 is undertaking the construction of a new cycle path stretching from Uhříněves to Měcholupy.

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Beyond New Builds: Integrating Cycling into Urban Development

Prague’s investment goes beyond just building new paths and expanding existing ones. The city is also focusing on integrating cycling infrastructure into ongoing urban development projects.

This includes incorporating cycling lanes during the reconstruction of key areas like Hartigova street in Žižkov and Dukelských Hrdinů street in Holešovice. The upcoming major overhaul at the Sokolovská-Českomoravská intersection in Prague 9 will also feature dedicated cycling lanes, ensuring safer and more seamless travel for cyclists.

Deputy Mayor Hřib highlighted the city’s upcoming update to the sustainable mobility plan. “We are preparing a new schedule of transport investments, which we will issue this year as part of the update, covering not only cycling infrastructure but broader transport improvements,” he stated.

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