Oct 05, 2023

“If Ukraine Fails, So Will We”, Said Czech President Petr Pavel to MEPs

During his address at the European Parliament on Wednesday, October 4, Czech President Petr Pavel called for a dialogue with citizens, a fight against populism and a policy of no concessions to Putin.

President Pavel stressed the importance of explaining Europe “to ensure that our citizens can genuinely identify with the principles we stand for”.

Speaking of the European election campaign next year, he urged to refrain from “simplistic solutions and empty promises” and to communicate problems “as they really are” instead.

Petr Pavel warned that if “Ukraine fails, so will we” and called “on everyone to continue providing support by all possible means”.

Recalling that Czechoslovak territory was ceded to Hitler in the hope of appeasing him and avoiding war, he spoke strongly against offering concessions to Putin and called for “a settlement that safeguards the necessary conditions for Ukraine’s continued existence in lasting peace and prosperity”.

Speaking in favour of enlarging the EU, he said that “it is in our interest that candidate countries succeed. Their success will be our own success”.

On the Fit for 55 package, he stressed the need “to overcome the insecurities of our people about their future, especially the younger generation” and to ensure that the green and digital transitions will bring benefits to all groups of our citizens”.

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“Europe is an everlasting task and European nations are meant to live together”, said the President and urged MEPs to resist war fatigue, to cooperate in unity and solidarity, to stand for European values and principles and not to fall for false promises and populism.

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