Nov 29, 2023

Polish Drugstore Chain Hebe Opening its First Store in Prague

Hebe, the cosmetics and body care-focused drugstore giant, is set to open its first physical store in the Czech Republic, challenging rivals Teta, dm-drogerie markt, and Rossmann, while also targeting the position of Notino perfume stores.

The expansion includes stores in Prague’s Harfa and Westfield Černý Most, scheduled to commence operations on December 6, 2023.

Despite strong competition in the Czech market, Hebe plans further expansion in 2024, with store sizes ranging from 300 to 500 square meters.

Hebe’s range of products includes mainly cosmetics and accessories: make-up, body, facial and hair care, perfumes and deodorants.

The cosmetic offer is complemented by household chemistry, products for children and pregnant women and mothers, jewelry and accessories, home decoration products, tights and food (snacks).

Hebe was founded in 2011 by the international retail group Jerónimo Martins, quickly becoming one of the largest beauty chains in Poland, with 290+ brick-and-mortar shops and an online shop.

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In 2021, they launched, with the aim of bringing affordable beauty products to customers across Europe where you will find over 18,000 products from all over the globe.

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