Apr 23, 2024

Prague 1 Wants to Ban Outrageous Costumes

Prague 1 is grappling with disruptive behavior by tourists, particularly those at bachelor parties.

The district council recently approved a resolution to negotiate with the city municipality regarding a potential ban on outrageous costumes often worn by tourist bachelor or bachelorette (also known as stag or hen) parties.

According to Adam Zábranský, the councillor for property, transparency and legislation, a direct ban is not the most suitable solution. “We understand the frustration with pub crawls and drunken tourists,” Zábranský stated, “but imposing a ban on silly costumes seems excessive.”

The resolution, proposed by Bronislava Sitár Baboráková, chair of the committee against depopulation and for supporting community life, argues that such costumes exceed acceptable social norms and negatively impact residents, especially children and senior citizens.

Prague 1 has long struggled with tourism focused solely on nightlife activities. Tourists are often led on “pub crawls” through the city, with Long Street being a particularly affected area due to its concentration of bars and nightclubs.

Politicians from opposition parties in the Prague 1 district accuse incumbent councilors of “not doing enough” to curb night noise. A few years ago, the Prague 1 management considered limiting the opening hours of businesses in the busiest areas of the center but didn’t reach an agreement.

One resident has had enough

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Local residents, like Štěpán Kuchta, have grown increasingly frustrated by the situation. Kuchta recently began a hunger strike to protest the perceived inaction of local authorities.

Prague 1 previously implemented a nighttime ban on non-delivery vehicles in the Old Town area around Dlouhá Street. However, the measure was criticized and subsequently cancelled by the city municipality. The district also proposed limiting business hours in central areas, but this ordinance was not approved.

Negotiations between Prague 1 and the city municipality are underway to find a solution that addresses disruptive tourist behavior while avoiding an outright ban on costumes.

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