Jan 26, 2024

Prague Airport Expands Food Options with 14 New Outlets

Prague Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2 are set for a culinary transformation as Lagardère Travel Retail introduces 14 new food and beverage outlets spanning a total area of 1,300 m2.

Undergoing structural modifications and redesign, the retail units are evolving into a modern and stylish environment.

Additions to Prague’s Airport offerings include the fresh bistro Natoo and the Italian concept, Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant. Among the array of new units, the popular Czech brand, Bageterie Boulevard, stands out.

This expansion brings the total number of business units at Prague Airport to 85, with 36 dedicated to the gastronomy sector.

Looking ahead, Prague Airport plans to unveil a new walk-through duty-free zone in Terminal 2, positioned immediately behind the security checkpoint.

Jiří Pos, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prague Airport, emphasizes the significance of the new food and beverage zones at the airport in advancing their long-term strategy in non-airline trade.

These additions aim to meet passenger demands, diversify offerings with fresh and engaging concepts, and enhance the overall pre-departure experience.

“The new food and beverage zones at Václav Havel Airport Prague are one of the important steps in our long-term strategy in the area of non-airline trade. This is mainly to meet passenger demand, to expand our offer with new and interesting concepts and to provide customers with a pleasant experience and comfort before their departure.”

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