Feb 21, 2024

Prague Airport Gets a Green Boost with 900 New Solar Panels

Menzies Aviation has installed almost 900 solar panels on its 14,000m2 cargo facility and a neighboring administrative building at Prague Airport – which will reportedly save almost 140 tons of CO2 each year.

The panels are set to produce more than 350MWh annually and reduce emissions across Menzies’ Prague operations by 25%.

Electricity being generated by the solar panels is being used to power operations at the warehouse and charge Menzies’ fleet of electric ground support equipment.

Katy Reid, head of sustainability and corporate responsibility at Menzies Aviation, said: “Building a fair and sustainable future is a key priority for Menzies, which is why we’re working hard to achieve the ambitious targets set out in our All In sustainability plan. The installation of nearly 900 solar panels at Prague Airport is just one example of how we’re matching our ambition with action by taking practical steps to slash emissions and meet our net zero targets.”

Soňa Hykyšová, sustainability, environment and ESG director at Prague Airport, added, “We are glad that Menzies Aviation is also trying to reduce emissions and, like Prague Airport, is committed to net carbon neutrality. Last year, we achieved a 59.5% reduction in emissions compared with 2009. We expect to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 and net carbon neutrality by 2050.”

“However, we know that the road ahead is not easy. Roughly 85% of emissions are generated by third parties – i.e. our suppliers and airlines. Therefore, we also motivate them to reduce emissions, for example, by offering green electricity. We are also active in this direction and plan to expand the use of photovoltaic panels on more suitable buildings at the airport.”

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