Aug 07, 2023

September 16-17: Cider Festival to Take Place in Prague


Shadia Oseni

Do you like cider? Taste more than 100 varieties at the Cider Festival on the weekend of September 16 and 17.

If you have only tasted “supermarket ciders” and remebrer them as alcoholic “soft drinks” full of chemicals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The sixth edition of the festival will take place at the Radlická kulturní sportovna near Anděl metro station, where, in addition to craft ciders, cidras and lemonades by small and local manufacturers from all over the country and abroad, you can also look forward to good food and a fun accompanying program for the whole family.

The idea behind organizing this event is to bring together and support dedicated cider producers who often don’t make it beyond their own region and present their beverages to the broader public.

As you walk around the festival, you can chat with cider makers who love to share how they make their cider. You’ll learn about the steps behind each batch and even join in workshops to see the process up close.

Pre-sale tickets here

A few words about cider’s history… 

The first recorded reference to cider dates back to the Roman Empire. The story goes that the first Romans arriving in Britain in 55 B.C found the locals drinking a cider-like drink and swiftly gained a liking for it, bringing it back across the empire.

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Following the discovery, cider soon spread across wider parts of Europe – historians have uncovered evidence of Germanic tribes enjoying the drink, as well as a number of monasteries across Europe, who would produce the drink not just for their personal pleasure but also to sell to the public.

Normans, who would go on to conquer England in 1066, also developed a fondness for cider and would go on to establish more apple orchards across the land, as well as cementing the word ‘cider’ into the English language…


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