Feb 04, 2024

Prague City Hall Considers Doubling Annual Public Transport Pass Rates

Prague city council is currently in talks about a potential increase in public transport fares.

One of the suggestions on the table is doubling the price of the annual voucher, currently priced at CZK 3,650. The price has not increased since 2015.

As the Prague coalition parties deliberate on adjusting public transport fares, there is still no consensus on the extent of the increase. Several options are being considered, and negotiations are ongoing.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib from the Pirate Party told Deník N he did not agree with the proposal, saying he wanted public transport to remain affordable for the residents of Prague.

In recent years, Prague has been grappling with how to ensure the financial sustainability of the city transport company, which suffered especially hard during the coronavirus crisis.

Before 2020, passenger fares covered roughly 21 percent of the transport company’s costs, while now it is only around 15 percent, with Prague covering the remaining 85 percent from its spending budget.

In most other countries the share is closer to 50-50.

Current prices of public transport tickets for Prague:

  • CZK 30 for a 30-minute ticket
  • CZK 40 for a 90-minute ticket
  • CZK 31 for a 30-minute ticket via SMS
  • CZK 42 for a 90-minute ticket via SMS
  • CZK 165 per month for people in material need, a tariff created in 2021

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