Dec 26, 2023

Prague City Hall’s New Year Gift – Affordable Attractions for All!

The Prague City Hall has disclosed the details of the New Year surprise it has in store for its citizens on January 1, 2024.

Earlier reports indicated that this surprise would serve as compensation for the decision to forgo fireworks, video mapping, and other mass celebrations on New Year’s Eve.

The authorities deemed large-scale festivities inappropriate given the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the challenging economic situation.

Instead, Prague City Tourism plans to reduce the cost of visiting popular attractions for one day (January 1):

Prague Zoo and the Botanical Gardens in the Troja neighborhood will be open to everyone, with a visit costing only 1 crown.

An adult ticket to the Prague Public Transport Museum will cost 60 CZK, while a child’s ticket only 20 CZK.

Seven Prague towers, including the Petřín Tower, the Old Town Tower, both towers of the Charles Bridge, and the Powder Gate, among others, will offer a 50% discount on entry.

Proof of residence or daily travel to Prague will be required at the entrance. The most convenient means of verification is by presenting a Lítačka pass or ID card.

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Tadeáš Prováznik, a spokesman for the Magistrate’s Office, highlighted, “This way, every Prague citizen can choose how to spend New Year’s Eve. Especially for families with children, it provides a pleasant opportunity amidst the general price increase.”

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