Prague City Tourism is launching its summer marketing campaigns. The CZK 15.4 million budget is being financed for the second time from the tourist taxes paid by visitors as an accommodation charge.

The Enjoy Respect Prague and Stay in Prague campaigns are primarily aimed at an international audience, individual 35+ travellers, and families with children.

Domestic tourism, which has been on the rise in the capital over the last two years, will be promoted by the At Home in Prague campaign. Recent figures show that domestic tourists make up a quarter of all visitors to the capital, which was one of the most popular domestic destinations for Czechs last year.

“The summer season is one of the busiest times of the year for tourism. The newly launched marketing campaigns will serve as a springboard to welcome domestic and international guests to Prague, with visitor numbers increasing all the time,” said deputy culture and tourism minister Jiří Pospíšil.

“Our systematic marketing campaigns help to shape tourism in the capital in a way that we can control. The campaigns are clearly designed to motivate tourists to visit Prague who will spend more money, explore sites beyond the centre, and take a deeper interest in the city,” adds František Cipro, chairman of the Prague City Tourism board.

Three campaigns have been lined up for this year. Prague City Tourism has teamed up with Prague Airport and CzechTourism to launch the digital campaign Stay in Prague, which targets the European, American and Asian markets.

The At Home in Prague campaign concentrates on domestic tourism, which has been following an upward trajectory over the past two years, with Czechs accounting for a full quarter of all visitors.

This trend is confirmed by the Czech Statistical Office’s most recent data, covering the first three months of 2023, which show that more than 350,000 Czechs came to the capital. The main face of the campaign is the band Tata Bojs, who will feature in all the visuals and showcase the city’s bohemian soul through local artists and the people who live in Prague.

Alongside its support for domestic tourism, Prague City Tourism will also be continuing Enjoy Respect Prague this year. This is a campaign to educate visitors, in a relatable and accessible way, about the rules and culture underpinning how they should behave in the city.

The campaign includes outdoor and printed advertising to inform tourists, for example, that they are not allowed to be noisy or cause a disturbance after 10 p.m., and advising them where to park their rented scooters when they are done with them.