Feb 11, 2024

Prague Gets Direct Link to Antalya with New Pegasus Flights

Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines is taking off with a brand new direct flight between Prague and Antalya, Turkey, starting May 19th, 2024.

The twice-weekly service (Thursdays and Sundays) will offer convenient connections for travelers seeking sunshine and stunning beaches.

Tickets are already on sale, with tempting one-way fares starting as low as approximately CZK 2,300.

This competitive pricing adds to the existing options provided by Czech airline Smartwings and fellow Turkish low-cost carrier SunExpress.

With three airlines vying for your business, travelers can expect a potential price war, leading to even more affordable flights between the two popular destinations.

Currently, competitors Smartwings and SunExpress offer one-way tickets for March 2024 at CZK 4,200 and CZK 3,850, respectively.

Pegasus’ entry into the market is likely to shake things up, potentially bringing down prices and making a trip to Antalya even more accessible for budget-conscious travelers.

Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast outside the Aegean region with over 2.6 million people in its metropolitan area.

While the city itself only has modest elevation changes, Antalya has high mountains in all directions to its interior. With moisture being trapped, the local climate thus has high winter rainfall, while the interior bay setting result in very hot summers for a coastal city.

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The city is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort, on the Turkish Riviera.

Antalya has surpassed Paris and New York City to become the fourth most visited city in the world, with more than 16.5 million foreign visitors in 2023.

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