Feb 09, 2024

Prague is Testing a New Style of Metro Network Map

The Prague transport company ROPID is testing its new metro scheme, with designers now including passenger feedback in the process. 

The new draft display, which is presented on a black background, only shows the subway line on which the passenger is currently traveling.

“Based on your feedback, we have prepared an alternative version for you before the upcoming public survey. The scheme of the overall routing of the metro lines with the center detail has also been modified to improve readability,” PID explained on its Facebook account.

Passengers can see the draft new designs at the Palmovka, Jiřího z Poděbrad, and Chodov metro stations.

Furthermore, adjustments have been made to the rectangular plan, situated on glass stands adjacent to the doors.

Passengers are now encouraged to express their preference between the two options: the comprehensive three-line display or the simplified single-line version. Share your feedback and comments through this link

You can register here.

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The transport company also says it will introduce a trial run of “completely new vertical maps of the metro lines” at JzP.

Online, some people have criticized the new draft maps for being “too dark.” Others point out that a single-line map makes it harder for plan out a route (that involves other lines) on the network.

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