May 29, 2023

Prague Plans to Acquire Up to 100 Electric Buses

The Prague Public Transport Authority (DPP) is set to acquire a fleet of up to 100 low-floor electric buses over the next few years.

DPP has recently launched a public tender, with an estimated total value of CZK 1.5 billion, to identify the supplier for these buses.

The winner of the tender is expected to be announced by the end of this year, after which the DPP will enter into a five-year framework contract.

Zdeněk Hřib, Deputy Mayor of Prague Transport, emphasized the significance of this purchase. “By acquiring up to 100 new electric buses, we are not only fulfilling the Climate Plan of the Capital City of Prague, but also meeting our commitments at the national and European levels to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and noise pollution in public bus transport. If DPP would decommission an equal number of diesel buses, we would save approximately 2.4 million liters of diesel fuel per year and prevent the emission of around 6,438 tonnes of carbon dioxide in Prague.”

Energy management will enable the control and adjustment of the charging speed based on the actual duration of the charging break.

This will reduce the demands on the energy load of the charging infrastructure and prolong the lifespan of the batteries.

The vehicles should have a minimum design speed of 80 km/h and have the capability to capture and store the energy generated during braking in the traction batteries.

The electric bus being offered must have a guaranteed range of at least 100 kilometers, regardless of the season, climate, or operating conditions in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

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