Dec 16, 2023

Prague Police Investigate Double Murder in Klánovice Forest

Tragedy struck in Prague’s Klánovice forest as police have confirmed a double murder, with one victim being a child.

The case was first reported on Friday after gunshots were heard in the forest near Čmelická Street. Police patrols subsequently discovered two lifeless bodies at the scene.

Authorities classified the incident as murder on Saturday morning, launching an investigation to apprehend the perpetrator.

“Standard criminal proceedings are currently in progress, encompassing the thorough examination of the crime scene, evaluation of collected traces, scrutiny of CCTV footage, and investigation of pertinent locations to identify and apprehend the suspect,” the police elaborated.

According to, the deceased were identified as a man and a child.

The police discovered the two bodies following a witness’s report to the emergency line around 3 p.m., citing gunshots heard in the nearby woods.

The case now falls under the jurisdiction of the Prague 1st Police Department.

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