Nov 20, 2023

VIDEO: Prague Welcomes 24-Meter-Long Trolleybuses for Airport Route

A lengthy trolleybus has been delivered to Prague, marking a significant addition to the city’s transportation.

The vehicle in question is the first Škoda Solaris-24m trolleybus, obtained by Prague’s transport company. Scheduled to start operations in 2024, it will run between Václav Havel Airport and Nádraží Veleslavín metro station.

This new addition will be showcased at the Czechbus exhibition hosted at the PVA Expo from November 21 to 23. A total of 20 Škoda Solaris-24m trolleybuses have been procured by the city, replacing buses on the current route 119 (to be renumbered as route 59).

Construction of the contact line, connecting the metro to the airport, began in February and is expected to conclude in early 2024.

The network’s overall length will be 11.6 kilometers, covering only half of the metro-airport-metro route with intermittent segments. In unequipped sections, the trolleybus will operate as an electric bus utilizing built-in batteries.

Impressively, the articulated Škoda Solaris-24m spans three sections and measures 24.7 meters in length. It features electronic assistance for the driver during cornering, controlling the position of the rear wheels.

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Equipped with two electric motors boasting 217 horsepower each, the trolleybus includes a battery designed for 12 kilometers of autonomous travel at maximum load.

With a passenger capacity of 179 people (including 52 seats), the trolleybus is fully low-floor and barrier-free. Noteworthy features include a climate control system, video surveillance, and LED lighting.

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