Apr 02, 2024

Prague Will Host Beer Festival “Žižkovské Pivobraní 2024”

Spring is here at last and it’s time to get out in the sunshine and see what’s going on in town.

The next couple of months have lots happening around the city, not least of which are a number of events of prime gastronomical significance to Prague’s cultural life.

Žižkov district will host the traditional and favorite beer festival Žižkovské pivobraní on 31 May and 1 June.

Fans of the foamy beverage will find in the Parukářka Park more than a hundred varieties of beer from forty Czech mini-breweries and a rich entertainment program. Classic lagers, ales, wheat, fruit, unfiltered, and other varieties.

Sample beer specialties all day long and hang out on the hill in park with an exceptional view and let the kids run wild in the big playground nearby.

Traditionally, a wide range of snacks will be presented at the festival. Musical groups of different genres will entertain the guests from the installed stage. Visitors will also be able to vote for their favourite beer in a special competition.

Entrance is free.

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