Nov 13, 2023

Prague’s O2 Arena to Host Multi-Genre Concert in Lead Up to Christmas

On 21 December, Prague’s O2 Arena will host a Christmas concert featuring more than 130 artists from the Czech music scene.

Seven well-known artists, including Thalia Award-winning actress Eva Burešová, Ondřej Ruml and Kateřina Maria Ticha, accompanied by 70 musicians from the Hradec Králové Philharmonic and the Permoník Karviná Choir, will put on stage a show featuring 27 songs from various genres, including classical music, pop and jazz, in new and innovative arrangements under the baton of Stanislav Vavřínek.

“We are not preparing a classical Christmas concert, but a musical experience,” said arranger Jan Lstibůrek. “The audience will listen to Christmas melodies and themes they know from the radio, but for the first time ever in symphonic arrangements written specifically for particular composition performers, philharmonic and choir, and for the unique space of Prague’s O2 Arena.”

Along with the sound, the evening will be illuminated by visual components of color and an extraordinary stage design. “At one moment, modest and intimate, the next moment, monumental, so that you feel like you are in a musical temple.

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All these elements together create a complete experience,” said Lstibůrek. The organizers say they hope for the concert to become the start of a new Christmas tradition in future years.

Tickets are now available from the Ticketmaster and Ticketportal platforms. You can find more information here


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