Sep 06, 2023

Rare Places Published a Printed Pocket Guide With 136 Tips for Unusual Architecture

Founded by 14-year-old Ondrej Filgas and his team, Rare Places has been operating in the Czech and Slovak markets since 2020, continuously bringing the best of the local architecture and design scene through its activities.

Rare Places aims to map quality architecture and show it to the general public.

The launch of the Rare Places pocket guide

On March 23, 2023, the launch of the new Rare Places Pocket Guide took place at CAMP in Prague. The godfather of this guide was Jan Vondrák,
the architect of the Mjölk studio, whose works contributed significantly to the guide’s content.

In addition to the book launch, visitors could also take part in a discussion with the authors of the guide about the way this unique project,
which combines modern architecture and travel, was created was described. The graphic side of the book was prepared by the renowned STUDIO KOSATKO, whose representative, Jan Košátko, significantly enriched the discussion.

The highlight of the evening was a discussion on the topic of walking through architecture with the guide’s godfather Jan Vondrák and landscape architect Jakub Finger. Visitors learned interesting facts from behind the scenes of designing public buildings.

Rare Places Pocket Guide

A compact guide, Rare Places fits in the pocket of every traveler and architecture enthusiast. In short, it is for people eager to discover new places with the unique writings of important architects that captivate readers with their look, story and location. Each place described in the book can be visited in person to experience its atmosphere.

The guide is designed to help the traveler easily find his or her way and is divided by region, which is accompanied by a simple map that marks interesting places in the region.

The Rare Places guide reveals 136 architecturally exceptional buildings located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It traces the footsteps of
important architectural studios such as Mjölk, Zdeněk Fránek, Martin Rajniš’s studio or Chybík+Krištof and other talented local architects.

The guide focuses on the best architectural projects that have appeared on the scene in recent years and encourages travellers to discover the
beauty of the local area. In doing so, it seeks to show that in addition to stunning historical monuments, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also offer quality modern architecture.

The Rare Places guidebook boasts a wide range of stunning photographs that convey more than a thousand words. To create the book, we have collaborated with renowned photographers such as BoysPlayNice, Tomáš Souček, Petr Polák and others.

Thanks to our partnership with LINKA, a database of contemporary architecture projects, the photographs not only convey information, but also evoke strong emotions and bring architecture alive.

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