May 24, 2024

RegioJet Launches Luxury Buses on Prague-Split Route

On Friday, May 31, Czech carrier RegioJet will launch a new bus service from Prague to the Croatian resort town of Split.

The route will be served by the company’s most modern bus, a double-decker Setra S-531-DT, featuring both standard and superior comfort classes.

The seasonal service will be available until October 2024. Buses will run three times a week (Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays) in June and September, and daily in July and August.

The journey is expected to take 17 hours, with stops in Brno, Bratislava, and several Croatian cities along the way.

One-way ticket prices start at CZK 999 for a standard seat and CZK 1189 for a seat in the ‘Fun&Relax⁺’ premium class. The premium class, located on the upper deck, offers more personal space with an increased distance between rows and fewer seats per row (three seats instead of four).

The bus features a multimedia system built into the backs of the leather ergonomic seats, each equipped with USB and USB-C ports and a full 220-volt power outlet. Additional amenities include climate control, free Wi-Fi, and a toilet.

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On the lower deck, the seating layout is standard (2+2), but it includes two family sections with tables.

RegioJet recently announced that after four successful years, it will discontinue its Prague-Croatia railway service to focus on developing connections with Ukraine.

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