Mar 13, 2024

Restaurant Oblaca: Fine Dining Above the Rooftops of Prague

The Oblaca restaurant offers a unique blend of modern gastronomy and breathtaking views of the city.

Experience enchanting vistas and exquisite cuisine, providing a splendid backdrop for a memorable dining experience high above Prague’s rooftops.

Located 66 meters above ground in the iconic Žižkov TV tower, Oblaca invites you to dine amidst the clouds.

“I cook with my head in the clouds, but my feet are firmly on the ground,” says Jan Holous, the restaurant’s head chef. “Fresh, high-quality ingredients and good humor are the essence of my cuisine. My colleagues’ professionalism and dedication form the cornerstone of our craft. Creativity and a willingness to experiment are our hallmarks as chefs. Above all, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount,” adds Holous.

Oblaca restaurant offers an unparalleled fusion of modern gastronomy and stunning city vistas.

The chef’s philosophy revolves around utilizing the finest local ingredients to craft seasonal dishes that cater to even the most discerning palates.

The wine selection, curated by top sommelier Milan Krejčí, is impeccably balanced. With professional presentation and subtle guidance, every guest can discover their ideal wine pairing.

For the latest menu and additional information, visit the restaurant’s website


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