Jan 23, 2024

Risk on the Shelves: Psychoactive Candies Appear in Czech Stores

Candy and confectionery containing psychoactive substances have recently emerged on the Czech market, escaping any legal regulations.

This has led to their unregulated sale in various forms, without quality testing, and without restrictions, including to minors. Jindřich Vobořil, the national coordinator for drug policy, has highlighted the potential risks associated with these products.

Vobořil draws attention to products containing the new semi-synthetic cannabinoid HHC, which mirrors the effects of THC, the primary natural psychoactive substance in cannabis. He urges vendors to remove these products from the market before the New Psychomodulants Act is enacted.

“The consumption of these products, often featuring high concentrations of cannabinoids, poses risks due to potential strong and unexpected intoxication. This can be attributed to the slow absorption of the active substances, their prolonged action, or the difficulty in controlling the course of intoxication after ingestion,” warned Vobořil.

He further emphasized that the risk escalates when these products are combined with alcohol, drugs, or other substances with psychoactive effects, particularly in children.

Vobořil deems it highly unethical to present these products in an enticing form for children and as food.

“I urge manufacturers and sellers of HHC-containing products to reconsider their practices and withdraw such items from circulation. I implore the same action regarding other potential cannabinoid products already prepared, as indicated by available market information,” cautioned Vobořil.

The regulation of the market for new psychoactive substances, or psychomodulants, is addressed in a parliamentary proposal currently in the Chamber of Deputies for its second reading.

According to Vobořil, the proposal includes a stringent safety assessment of substances on the market, quality control of offered products, a complete ban on selling these substances to minors, a prohibition on presenting them in food form, a ban on advertising, and an obligation to provide accurate information to consumers.

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