Jun 11, 2024

Slamák: Sleeping on Hay Under Millions of Stars

Slamak czech republic

Would you like to have unforgettable memories of the holiday in the Czech mountains?

Let’s try to sleep in a tiny house made of hay. Moreover, right from your bed, you have a view of the sky with stars through the transparent rooftop.

You might have romantic ideas about sleeping on hay in plain nature. In this upgraded version, you have a whole tiny house with a bed for two people. However, the most romantic aspect is the transparent rooftop under your bed, where you can watch the sky with stars.

If you are not allergic to the grass, you should definitely try it! In fact, this little house is made of straw rather than hay. Straw can keep the warm better, and it is almost waterproof. It makes the little house comfortable as much as possible. However, this kind of experience is a seasonal service from May to September, since the nights in the mountains are cold during the rest of the year.

Your experience is coming with a tasty breakfast made of local ingredients. You can have it served right into your bed, enjoy it as a picnic in the meadow, or have it right in the cottage nearby.

Slamák Krkonoše

Bouda v Obřím Dole

The tiny house is not standing in the middle of nowhere, but nearby the traditional wooden cottage on the way to Sněžka, the highest peak of the Czech Republic. This cottage is called Bouda v Obřím Dole, and its restaurant is a popular destination for tourists heading to Sněžka.

This cottage provides you with facilities such as a restaurant, shower, and toilets for your stay. Next to the cottage is a giant chair with 5,6 meters in height, made without any nails and screws. You can climb it by ladder and enjoy the view over the valley.

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Bouda v Obřím Dole

Bouda v Obřím Dole

Behind the idea of a tiny house made of straw are Klára and Vlaďka. Klára is running the services in the cottage for more than ten years. Together with her friend Vlaďka, who lives in Switzerland, they built the very first straw house five years ago. Since then, it is a very popular sleeping destination, so make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Besides the cottage, restaurant, and straw house, Klára also breeds sheep and keeps bees. You can buy fresh honey products in a restaurant, from honey to mead and cosmetics.

How to Get to Slamák

Everything is prepared for your arrival. It would help if you got to the nearest city Pec pod Sněžkou. Then, you can ask Klára for transport, or have 20 minutes relaxing walk by the valley to the cottage. It is also a great starting point for your hike to Sněžka, or you can even take a cable car.

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