Apr 28, 2024

Slavia Prague Fined 87,000 Euros for Crowd Violence at Europa League Game

Slavia Prague was fined by UEFA 87,000 euros for crowd trouble during a Europa League game against AC Milan.

The punishment was for throwing objects, illicit chants, and blocking passageways on March 14 in Prague during the round of 16 second leg. Milan won 3-1 and advanced 7-3 on aggregate.

The fans were throwing cups at Milan players and an assistant referee, chanted “UEFA Mafia,” and blocked staircases.

Also, Slavia captain Tomáš Holeš received a red card in the 20th minute and was banned for one game in European competitions.

Slavia has already been fined 100,000 euros for crowd behavior in the Europa League group stage this season against another Italian club, Roma, in November.

That was the biggest fine for the Czech club.

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