Oct 27, 2023

Slavia Prague, Severe Clashes in Rome: Six Policemen Injured and Four Arrested

Six policemen were injured, and four Czech ultras were arrested during the events surrounding Slavia Prague’s away match in Rome, which took place in the Europa League against Roma.

The incidents unfolded in the Via Cavour area, near the Viminale police station. A spontaneous gathering of fans in the Colosseum area was disrupted, with ten fans separated from the main group, which was subsequently loaded onto buses bound for the Stadio Olimpico.

The situation escalated with the use of firecrackers and paper bombs, resulting in injuries to police officers who intervened to control the situation. One officer sustained a serious eye injury and was hospitalized, while the injuries to other officers were minor.

In another incident at the Duca d’Aosta Bridge around 8 pm, a Roma fan stabbed a Slavia Braga fan in the buttocks. Brawls also occurred at the turnstiles, where Czech fans attacked and robbed the hosts, displaying stolen items in the away sector.

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Additionally, a Roma Toscolano banner was taken by a Czech fan at Monte Mario and passed to others in the away sector.

Reports of a stabbing involving a Czech fan had circulated in Telegram chats before the match, where ultras gather. Rome Police Headquarters had denied this news throughout the day.

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