Jul 27, 2023

Is Smíchovské nádraží the Worst Place in Prague?

Smichov railway station, located on the left bank of the Vltava River in Prague, is notorious among regular travelers as the city’s worst transport hub.

Its bad reputation remains unchanged, and recent visits confirm its decline.

Several months ago, we had already identified Smichov railway station as the worst among Prague’s metro stations. Unfortunately, little progress has been made since then, and if anything, the situation has worsened.

Even with the ongoing development in the surrounding area, the station itself remains neglected, surrounded by old tenement houses, some of which house pubs and restaurants on the ground floor.

The area adjacent park still exudes an air of insecurity and anarchy. Many benches are occupied by homeless individuals and littered with trash.

Drug paraphernalia, such as syringe wrappers and empty vials, further add to the grim atmosphere.

The overall condition of the main station building clearly deteriorated in the last few years. Both the interior and exterior require significant renovation, and the general disorder is quite disheartening.

The bus waiting area is an absolute nightmare, deterring most people from using the benches due to the appalling mess and filth. Such scenes are reminiscent of the neglected areas found in former Eastern Bloc countries.

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Despite its reputation as a dangerous district, we didn’t encounter anything particularly threatening during our visit, thanks in part to the constant presence of police patrols.

However, it’s far from a place one would proudly showcase to visitors from outside Prague.

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