Mar 23, 2024

Spaní na Medu: A “Glamping” Experience on Honey

Glamping is getting more and more popular, and it’s completely understandable. However, what about connecting glamping with the healthy benefits of bees?

You can experience this unique connection only in Spaní na medu, which can be translated literally as sleeping on honey. Are you interested in discovering more?

Why is Spaní na medu so special

Spaní na medu is not a typical glamping experience. Here you have an extra benefit that you won’t find anywhere else in the Czech Republic. You share this home with bees. There is no need to worry about your interaction.

Bees have their hive in the lower part, and you have a total of 27 square meters of comfort for your disposal in the upper part. However, if you find a secret slat, you can peep inside the hive, even from your part.

The concept of accommodation is thought through to the last detail. Thanks to the big window, you can watch the life of bees from a safe distance. Furthermore, the bench you are sitting on by the window is situated just above the hive. It means that you can feel the vibrating power of the bees literally under your bottom.

There is even a little secret hidden inside the bench, a bottle of water with unique medical benefits. Tomáš and Lenka may help you to find it and explain everything about bees.

Spaní na medu

This beautiful tiny house has twenty-seven sq meters, and you will be surprised how spacious it is. You have everything necessary for your disposal here: a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with hot water and flush toilet, wast sleeping space with organic fluffy bed linen, and spacious dining area with a terrace. You can even enjoy relaxing in a hammock and take advantage of an outdoor grill.

You don’t need to bring many things, especially for cooking. You can find here a nice selection of quality teas, a coffee maker with capsules, a wide range of spices and herbs, and local beer from Neratov in the fridge. There is even one more surprise for you, a jar of local honey that is super delicious.

What is unique about this place is the location, the views of the surrounding mountains, and the sunset right from the terrace. The mountain meadow just in front of you is called Zakletý, meaning Enchanted.

Spaní na medu

Apitherapy in Spaní na medu

Apitherapy is a proven medical concept that takes advantage of the positive impact of bees and their products on humans. If you stay close to the hive, you can smell honey, propolis, and wax in the air. It has a positive effect not only on your respiration but also on your immune system and mental health. After a few hours in Spaní na medu, you can observe it by yourself.


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