Dec 06, 2023

Signal Festival and Prague City Gallery Will Create an Unique Event on December 12-13

The Prague City Gallery and the Signal Festival bring a unique experience in the environment of the Baroque jewel on the banks of the Vltava River – the Troja Castle.

The Feast of St. Lucia, which falls on 13 December, is, according to folk superstition, associated with the longest night of the year.

The idea of the project is based on the combination of the refined beauty of the Baroque – opulent splendor and geometric order – and contemporary art using current technologies and approaches.


Where: Troja Château
When: 12. – 13.12. 2023  from 17:00 – 0:00
Free entry



Karel Šimek (CZ) → Event Horizon

Event Horizon aka black hole event horizon is a deep and compelling concept in astrophysics. At this point, space-time is so strongly curved that even the fastest particles cannot escape it. The event horizon defines the “point of no return”, where objects entering this region are inexorably drawn towards the singularity of the black hole, the infinitely dense core.


Chris Salter (CH)Alexandre Saunier (FR)  SNN#2

SNN#2: Light/Space/Prop is a dynamic, large-scale light and sound installation in public space, based on the principles of László Moholy-Nagy’s 1920s light play about a new “electrified moving image”. It is a series of slowly modulated light images that are distorted by lenses attached to five moving lights. Moholy-Nagy described a new kind of luminous environment where “light and movement again become elements of creation”. SNN#2 brings this vision into our new algorithmic machine age, creating an ever-changing, almost contemplative environment that radically slows our perception of space and time.


Klára Horáčková (CZ) → Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine is a kinetic installation consisting of a structure and massive faceted cylinders covered with mirrored surfaces. The cylinders rotate on their axis in a programmed choreography, giving the impression of rolling relentlessly at the audience. Projections based on footage of the demonstrations, which are partly captured on the facets of the mirrors, are partly reflected among the spectators thus integrating them into the action. The installation intends to give the viewer the impression of becoming part of an event that transcends, fascinates, and excites them.


Jan Poš (CZ) → Kolektor

The site-specific installation called Kolektor metaphorically develops the meaning of the fountain in which it is situated. Historically, fountains were a very important urban feature that functioned as the main source of drinking water. However, this purely practical function was later replaced, the well was transformed into a fountain and acquired a new representative meaning as a technological marvel and symbol of progress. The temporary light installation is a technological metaphor for the water that normally flows in the fountain.

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