Oct 30, 2023

Storm Ciarán Arrives in Europe. How and When Will Czechia be Affected?

The following two weeks will develop at least two powerful Atlantic cyclones impacting Western Europe.

A powerful storm Ciaran will bring violent winds, huge amounts of rain, and increasing flooding. The UK, Ireland, France, and Benelux will be in the hot spot this week and the next weekend.

The unusual weather pattern established over the North Atlantic and Europe over the last few weeks will continue and worsen as we head into November.

The historically warm North Atlantic ocean water temperatures will support violent extratropical storm development towards Europe.

The first Atlantic storm Ciaran is coming up Thursday this week, with rapid cyclogenesis occurring before the major impact with violent, hurricane-force winds and heavy rain squalls blast into Ireland, the UK, the English Channel, northern France, and Benelux on Thursday.

Storm Ciarán will also affect the Czech Republic with strong south-easterly winds, particularly in the eastern half of the country, later on Thursday and into the night on Friday.

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“The maximum wind gusts should be between 55 and 70 kilometres per hour, and around 90 kilometres per hour in higher and mountainous areas,” the CNMI said, adding that the forecast would be refined according to the situation.

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