In the eclectic neighborhood of Zizkov, known for its artistic vibrancy and cultural diversity, lies CO.DE Concept Store, a unique concept store that harmoniously blends the coziness of a café with the intrigue of an interior design shop.

This innovative establishment, the brainchild of Lukas from Slovakia and Marketa from the Czech Republic, offers a unique experience that caters to both the local Czech community and expats. CO.DE Concept Store is not just a place to sip coffee or purchase home decor; it’s a destination that embodies the spirit of Zizkov and the passion of its founders.

Could you share the story behind the inception of CO.DE?

Lukas: “Our journey began in Brighton, England where I met Marketa, now my partner. She was working for corporate and I was working in hospitality. We decided to move to Prague and wanted to create a space that was more than just a shop or a café. It’s about bringing together my hospitality experience with Marketa’s love for interior design in a unique way.”

Marketa: “We envisioned a place that’s cozy, where people can feel at home. We offer rustic food, homemade cakes, and specialty coffee, all in an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming, embodying the Danish concept of ‘hygge.'”

Marketa and Lukas


What makes your shop unique?

Marketa: “Our shop is unique because it appeals to those who love eclectic styles. We bring more colors different materials and textures, showcasing that living spaces can be more than monochromatic. We’re introducing an intricate style in design that’s rare in Prague”​​.

Choosing Zizkov for their venture, Lukas and Marketa saw the potential in this quirky and rapidly developing area of Prague. “We were drawn to Zizkov’s specific character. It’s a place that’s evolving quickly, and we wanted to be part of this vibrant community,” Lukas explained​.

CO.DE’s ever-changing interior reflects its eclectic style. “Our shop is always evolving. We adapt our style and products to reflect our mood and the latest trends. This constant evolution makes CO.DE special,” Marketa said​.

Speaking of their products, Marketa elaborated, “We have everything from Urban Chic to Vintage. Our Urban Jungle collection includes unique items that stand out. We also offer fun pieces like shoe horns with different animal designs, a wide range of furniture like tables, chairs, and racks, bringing a bit of whimsy into the home”​​.

With the festive season approaching, CO.DE is ready to embrace the Christmas spirit. “For Christmas, we offer a range of decorations, unique presents, and candles. From Christmas ornaments to ceiling lights, dining tables to pillows, our store becomes a festive wonderland,” Lukas added.

Lukas and Marketa are committed to sustainability, carefully selecting products that are eco-friendly and ethically produced. “We regularly visit our manufacturers in the Netherlands to ensure ethical production processes. Our focus is on items that are sustainable, beautiful, and functional,” Marketa emphasized.

What do you hope to achieve with CO.DE?

Lukas: “We aim to create a space where people feel welcomed and inspired. A place where they can enjoy a cup of our specialty coffee or find that perfect piece for their home. We want to be a part of their journey in creating a space that feels like home.”

Marketa: “We want our customers to be part of a sustainable change, not just in terms of their living spaces but in their lifestyle choices. CO.DE is about creating a community that values comfort, design, and sustainability.”

CO.DE in Zizkov is more than a concept store; it symbolizes innovation, sustainability, and community spirit. Lukas and Marketa have not just created a business but a space that offers a warm welcome, unique products, and a commitment to sustainable living.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a coffee or a unique item to add character to your home, invites you to experience the charm of Zizkov and find inspiration in its encapsulating ambiance.

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