The Indian Film Festival is marking its 20th edition this year. Scheduled from October 12th to 14th, the festival will unfold at Prague’s iconic Světozor.

Its journey started in 2003 as the Bollywood Film Festival, hosting screenings for a handful of enthusiasts at Prague’s FAMU and NoD club.

A year later, it found its true home at the Aero Cinema and, in 2005, permanently settled at Světozor Cinema when became the epicenter of Indian cinema in the city.

Over the past nineteen years, the festival has showcased a plethora of films – from classics to contemporary pieces, black and white to vibrant technicolor, and even a 3D film.

The festival embraced films from various Indian regions such as Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali. Beyond India’s borders, it welcomed Nepali and even Pakistani films.

The screens lit up with an array of genres, ranging from typical box office blockbusters (comedy, drama, thriller, crime, horror, etc.) to avant-garde, experimental, student, animation, queer, and documentary films.

The 20th edition promises yet another eclectic mix of exceptional films produced by both major studios and independent filmmakers across India.

As part of the celebration, an exhibition featuring film and festival posters from previous editions will also be on display starting early October.

To complete the Indian experience, the festival will offer authentic cuisine from Indian restaurants and the beloved traditional drink masala chai. Additionally, attendees can look forward to the resounding return of the Bollywood fair.

However, the true tradition that steals the show is the Bollywood dance party. This year, the party will reach its crescendo on Saturday, October 14, at the P.M. Club on Trojicka Street.

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