Dive into a thought-provoking exploration of Franz Kafka’s enduring legacy at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.

The KAFKAESQUE exhibition, showcasing the captivating influence of Kafka’s work on contemporary visual art, runs until September 22nd, marking the 100th anniversary of his death.

Journey through both time and theme. The exhibition delves into the historical significance of Kafka’s writing for 20th-century art, while simultaneously drawing parallels to today’s complexities and ambiguities.

Over thirty renowned artists contribute their creative expressions, presenting their artworks in dialogue with Kafka’s literature.

This juxtaposition powerfully underscores the timeless relevance of his explorations of existential anxieties and personal struggles, as highlighted by German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno’s observation that parts of Kafka’s work read like descriptions of Expressionist paintings begging to be brought to life. The KAFKAESQUE exhibition fulfills this artistic prophecy.

For decades, Kafka’s life and work have presented a captivating puzzle for both scholars and readers alike.

Popular masterpieces like Metamorphosis and The Trial have sparked countless interpretations and been translated into dozens of languages. His influence continues to resonate in the works of contemporary authors, visual artists, and musicians.

Move beyond mere commemoration. As the DOX representatives aptly state, “The goal of the exhibition is not to build new monuments to repeat old clichés, but to reflect Kafka’s work from the perspective of the modern world, where the old no longer exists and the new has not yet been born.”

KAFKAESQUE doesn’t offer a comprehensive overview of the author’s work, but rather presents a modern lens on the universal struggles Kafka explored, struggles that remain deeply relevant today.

Immerse yourself in artistic interpretations by renowned figures. The exhibition boasts contributions from luminaries such as the Quay Brothers, Pavel Büchler, Mat Collishaw, Vladimír Doležal, Rowynn Dumont, Martin Gerboc, Jaroslav Róna, Nicola Samori, Marek Schovánek, and Liou Sia. For these artists and countless others, Franz Kafka’s work remains an enduring source of inspiration.

The exhibition is open Wednesday-Sunday, from 12 pm to 6 pm. A rich program of accompanying events, including literary readings, film screenings, and concerts, enriches your experience.

If you’re new to Kafka’s work or seek guidance in interpreting the exhibits, join the special guided tour with curators on February 22nd at 6 pm.

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