The 7th edition of Prague’s Metronome Festival promises an unforgettable weekend of music, entertainment, and good vibes.

Taking place from June 20th to 22nd, 2024, the festival boasts a diverse lineup catering to fans of progressive, electronic, and live music.

Headline Acts:

Michael Kiwanuka: This soulful British singer-songwriter will captivate audiences with his gentle folk sounds and keyboard melodies. Don’t miss him on Thursday, June 20th.

Milky Chance: The German duo brings their signature electronic-infused rock to the festival, showcasing their latest album “Living In a Haze.”

The Blaze: Prepare for a mesmerizing audio-visual experience with the French electronic dance music duo known for their captivating live shows.

Raye: The pop singer, who won a record six Brit Awards this year, will perform in Czechia for the first time.

Beyond the Headliners:

The festival offers an exciting mix of international and local acts. Catch the legendary shoegaze band Ride presenting their recent album “Interplay,” or experience the innovative electronic sounds of Kosheen. Czech music fans can enjoy the sounds of Bert & Friends and the legendary Michal Kocáb, along with many other talented artists.

More Than Just Music:

Metronome Festival truly lives up to its motto “BEYOND MUSIC.” The festival offers a variety of activities for the whole family, including workshops, theatrical performances, and live podcasts. Foodies can indulge in a vast selection of local and international cuisine, with vegetarian and vegan options available.

Convenience and Sustainability:

The festival prioritizes comfort and sustainability. Attendees can expect a clean environment with minimal queuing, thanks to the spacious festival grounds. The venue is easily accessible by public transport, and organizers strive for eco-friendly practices.

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The Metronome Festival, set to captivate audiences from June 20 to 22 at the Prague Exhibition Centre, has added another star to its lineup: Michael Kiwanuka.

The London-based singer, with Ugandan roots, renowned for his appearances alongside Adele and the soulful backdrop of his song “Cold Little Heart” in the hit TV series Seven Lovers, is set to make a return to Prague.

Described by festival organizers as a humble artist unafraid of eccentric expressions, Kiwanuka draws inspiration from the soulful sounds of 1970s American soul.

“He is one of Britain’s most respected artists. Imagine Van Morrison meets Curtis Mayfield, and you’re there. His 2016 album ‘Love & Hate’ soared to the top spot in the UK, and in 2019, ‘Kiwanuka’ garnered unanimous rave reviews, hailed as a career-defining masterpiece by Mojo magazine. He is a true artist who pours every ounce of his heart and soul into his mesmerizing live performances. In short, Michael Kiwanuka is a genuine attraction,” attests Rob Cass, Abbey Road Studios Producer, exclusively for Metronome Prague 2024.

Born and raised in North London’s Muswell Hill, Michael Kiwanuka’s roots trace back to Ugandan parents who fled President Idi Amin’s regime, also known as the Butcher of Kampala.

Graduating with honors from Fortismere School in 2005, Kiwanuka was known for his friendly and humble demeanor, and a profound understanding of diverse musical genres.

Throughout his school years, he showcased his musical talents, playing bass and jazz guitar. Post-graduation, he continued his academic journey at the University of Westminster in London.

Metronome Festival 2024 promises attendees over eighty performances, with organizers guaranteeing surprises and a robust accompanying program.

The entire event will be enhanced by comfortable facilities, including an exceptional gastro zone.

Already the sixth edition of Metronome Prague, where a number of world stars will shine, takes place on 22-25 June 2023 and promises unforgettable music experiences.

Thanks to its top-notch line-up, location in the centre of Prague and the fact that it is happening at the most beautiful time of the year, Metronome Prague is one of the most popular metropolitan festivals in Europe.

This year’s programme features an impressive line-up of internationally renowned artists including JAMIROQUAI, M83, ZAZ, AURORA, MODERAT, TOVE LO, EDITORS, WHITE LIES, JANA KIRSCHNER and many more.

Over 40 international and local music acts will perform on a total of 8 large stages during four days. In such a rich mix of musical genres, every visitor, regardless of age, will find what they like.

“With Metronome Prague we have set ourselves two main goals. To invite visitors to Prague for a unique music experience that they will enjoy in high comfort. And we have certainly fulfilled both of them. This year’s event consists of over 80 international and domestic acts and the established venue in the city centre offers plenty of comfort and a whole range of other services. From a rich gastronomic offer to chillout zones and Wi-Fi to sanitary facilities. In addition, we can also arrange accommodation in Prague for our visitors, which we offer in a special package together with tickets on”, one of the promoters D. Gaydečka told us.

In addition to a quality music programme, Metronome Prague will also impress with its visitor comfort.

There are rest and relaxation zones, high-capacity Wi-Fi, a wide range of food and beverages – lovers of Czech and international cuisine, vegetarians, vegans, beer drinkers, wine drinkers and coffee drinkers will all find something to enjoy – and of course modern sanitary facilities. For those who want to enjoy the event in absolute comfort, there is a VIP zone.

Tickets for Metronome Prague 2023 can be obtained easily on the official website, where you can choose both the type of tickets and the method of payment.

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