Calling all girls under 15 and 18! Join the Prague Raptors Football Academy for FREE until the end of 2024!

The Prague Raptors Football Academy, part of the Prague Raptors Football Club, is seeking new members for its girls’ football teams. Girls under 15 and under 18 are welcome to join and play for free until the end of the year.

Founded in 2017, the Raptors Football Club launched its highly successful kids’ football academy in spring 2022.

The academy, a standalone unit, offers twice-weekly sessions for boys and girls, separated by age and divided into three categories: under 9, under 11, under 15, and under 18. Girls teams only into U11, U15, and U18.

Additionally, international schools like PBIS, ISP, and Park Lane have incorporated Raptor-led football sessions into their after-school activities. And if that’s not enough, join the exciting Raptors Summer Camp in July and August!

Academy head Jan Veselý, a lifelong football enthusiast since his 4th birthday, began his playing career in Liberec before moving to football powerhouse England at 15. While he didn’t follow the traditional professional path, he successfully carved his own niche in the sport.

“Amateur and semi-professional football are the heart of the sport,” Jan shares. “We all love watching top clubs like Manchester City, but only 20 players make it there. However, they all started somewhere, and that’s inspiring.” Some young academy players dream of being among those chosen 20, and twice-weekly training sessions are a great starting point.

Jan describes the academy as a multi-purpose tool for kids of all ages. While mastering football skills is paramount, three additional goals take center stage: having fun, staying fit, and fostering community.

The Prague Raptors Football Academy is a place for kids to find new friends who share their passion for football or their international background. Over the years, the football club has become a hub for English speakers in Prague.

“Community is essential, and you can’t have one without kids,” Jan explains. “Moving to a new country is challenging, and sports bring people together, whether as players or spectators.”

Girls often have fewer opportunities to experience football compared to boys. Joining an English-speaking football academy offers an unprecedented chance.

Several international schools have embraced this opportunity, with over 35 girls joining the academy outside of school. Currently, around 120 kids participate in the academy, with room for many more.

The academy’s vision is clear: bring football to kids. Jan believes in “coaching from the positive.” Prioritizing players’ achievements and celebrating them fosters self-esteem and builds a genuine team spirit. While improvement is always encouraged, leading with positivity is key.

Initially, attracting girls might be more challenging, but once they’re in, their commitment and dedication are often remarkable.

“One thing I love about the youngest girls’ team is their unwavering support for each other, no matter what,” Jan says. They fight for their team, which is the true essence of football!

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