The birthplace of pizza is now in Prague for an authentic culinary experience like no other. There’s a reason why it’s known that “Rome is the heart of Italy, but Naples is the soul.”

Part of that soul is its pizza, first invented in the 1800s in the southern Italian seaside city.

Almost two centuries later, Rossopomodoro is bringing the pizza from its home in Naples to the world, including locations in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, the USA, and now, Czechia.

On the second floor of the Palladium Mall in the center of Prague, you’ll find Rossopomodoro’s genuine Italian cuisine designed to bring Naples to your plate through the traditional techniques of pizza-making.

A combination of hand-kneaded dough, top-quality flour, and San Marzano tomatoes are all destined to cultivate the true Neapolitan experience. An artisan-style oven that betters the taste of each pizza ensures its authenticity and showcases Rossopomodoro’s commitment to quality and dedication to Italian cuisine.

Rossopomodoro began as a chain in Italy in 1998 when a trio of former professional rugby players decided to try their luck in the restaurant business. Fast-forward to today, the Italian chain is considered one of Italy’s most successful restaurant exports, given its tradition found in restaurants worldwide.

In Italy it is also widely popular, given a country that is not well-receiving towards food chains, Rossopomodoro can be found in over 70 locations across the Mediterranean nation.

The world has also recognized Rossopomodoro’s excellence, ranking 20th in the world’s first Top 50 Artisan Pizza chain awards. Locals, expats, and tourists will now experience the sublime quality firsthand at the newly opened restaurant in the food court.

What makes Rossopomodoro different from other Italian restaurants in Prague is that they use quality ingredients from Italy: mozzarella, burrata, flour, oregano and anchovies; everything is selected and imported from the best Italian suppliers.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, but still feeling a craving for Italian food, Rossopomodoro’s menu also offers a wide selection of pasta to choose from and enjoy, such as carbonara, eggplant parmigiana and tiramisu.

On the pizza side of the menu, there’s an extensive variety of different styles, such as the classics: Margherita, diavola, napoletana and capricciosa. In addition, customers can also choose any of their signature pizza, or add any of their own toppings if needed. Desserts, side dishes, salads are also available as a part of their menu.

Part of the authentic experience that Rossopomodoro offers is that their team mainly consists of Italian cooks and waiters who know their native food inside out, hoping to bring customers precisely what they are looking for. Even more, the restaurant offers Wolt, so they can also bring the food to your doorstep.

Rossopomodoro’s arrival in Prague marks a significant moment for culinary enthusiasts in the Czech Republic. The birthplace of pizza, Naples, is sharing its rich culinary heritage through Rossopomodoro, offering an authentic Neapolitan experience in the heart of Prague.

“I am very excited to bring Rossopomodoro’s pizza and food to the customers in the Czech Republic for the first time: I am confident they will enjoy the quality of the ingredients and the authentic recipes that make Rossopomodoro different,” said Nicola Saraceno, the CEO of Rossopomodoro.

“I want to thank Mr. Lagorio for this successful partnership and welcome the team working in this premium location to the Rossopomodoro family!” added Mr. Saraceno.

This expansion of a cherished Italian tradition across the globe, including the Czech Republic, is a testament to the universal appeal of pizza and the enduring dedication to quality and authenticity. Rossopomodoro invites locals, expats, and tourists alike to savor the sublime flavors of Italy right in the heart of Prague. Buon appetito!


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