The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recently reported a notable spike in the number of STD’s across Europe, connecting it to a ‘decade-long trend’ of growing STD rates in the continent.

Despite a slight decrease in case numbers during the pandemic, the alarming trend continues to grow again, leaving reason to worry.

In Czechia alone, the past decade has seen a rise in cases of STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV.

And one issue with this is, you may not even know if you have an STD or not, because many of them are symptom-less. However, this can cause issues later in life, not to mention the danger of spreading the disease to a partner. That’s why it’s truly important to consider getting tested at least once a year, as recommended by several health organizations such as WHO and CDC.

In Prague, there are a number of opportunities to be tested thanks to the availability and accessibility of Unilabs, a diagnostic laboratory service provider that offers comprehensive healthcare solutions in Prague and the Czech Republic. With a network comprising 28 collection points in Prague and more than other 50 nationwide, Unilabs offers an array of specialized of specialized laboratory diagnostics, catering to diverse healthcare needs.

The company’s core mission revolves around facilitating easy access to vital diagnostic tests and extending its services to individuals through doctor referrals and self-payment options, a feature especially beneficial for the many foreigners here in Prague who may not have immediate access to a doctor.

Unilabs ensures a seamless customer journey, offering an extensive range of tests including STD testing, prevention, and female health tests.  The company’s e-shop for self-payers is catered to providing you with more information about their services, options, and more in the most ideal way possible.

They operate globally and were rebranded from AeskuLab to Unilabs in 2023: the company’s expansive reach across Europe and its commitment to providing comprehensive STD testing.

Unilabs’ well-rounded STD testing covers diseases like HIV, syphilis, Chlamydia, herpes, and hepatitis, offering various test variants for accurate diagnosis and ensuring that clients have access to a wide range of diagnostic options.

Regarding health insurance coverage for foreigners, Unilabs aims to accommodate individuals with appropriate healthcare insurance through doctor referrals, although specifics about VCP or private payments for blood tests require further clarity.

The laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manned by skilled laboratory workers, ensure accurate results for various tests including urine, blood, genetics, and other analyses.

Unilabs, while not directly involved in creating diagnostic equipment, ensures that their laboratories are well-equipped to maintain high standards in diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Offering 17 different examinations, with more to come, the provider is determined to allow the best care for your testing needs.

The accessibility of Unilabs is seamless. Just choose your STD test, select the time & date, and pay online, arrive at the collection point, and within 5 minutes you’ll be done. There’s no need for queues, or going to your doctor for a prescription. Within two or three days the results will appear on your profile, with interpretation provided by their partner

It’s no surprise that their quality testing procedures gain the best reviews from their customers, with 97% of patients recommending to use Unilabs in the future. Many of them mentioned that they appreciate the seamless process of their STD testing, without the need to go to a doctor, and the presence of professional nurses at the collection points.

There are three ways to receive your information, in variants ranging from Basic to Plus, and finally Expert. Depending on the nature of the information you are aiming to receive about your health, it is important to consider which report you would like. Unilabs can also answer questions regarding the presence of HIV, chlamydia, herpes, or syphilis.

Whenever you feel like you are at risk of contracting an STD, it may be important to consider Unilabs as your provider in testing, especially due to the fact that it is effortless and accessible, for both Czechs and foreigners alike.

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