Prague is a city where bars are abundant in nearly every corner, however, for those more adventurous, there are only a handful of places that can offer both good drinks and a unique experience.

The Magical Owl (Bar Magická Sova), is one of those places where you can enjoy a nice cocktail with a shot of fun and magic. Located in the beautiful Vinohrady, the bar offers a variety of magical potions and snacks for those daring.

Customers have the unique chance to try specially prepared magical potion drinks while also having the opportunity to mix and concoct their own potions.

To immerse into the magical world of spells, customers can also roam around the place borrowing hats, cloaks, or wands, to dress up in and get a first-hand experience of wizards and witches on a night out!

These magical potions can also be complemented with thematic cupcakes or some quick witchy snacks. Those wanting to take on a challenge and make their own potions will receive a magical vessel (mini cauldron or flask) and a magical letter they unseal, with instructions on how to mix together their enchanted elixir.

These drinks are not just limited to alcoholic options as there are plenty of non-alcoholic ones for expecting witches or for those needing to fly home on a broomstick later that night. Some sparkle, others smoke or ignite but every customer is bound to have a magical night of fun!


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Those seeking a relaxed atmosphere rather than a bar-like setting will find themselves enjoying The Magical Owl the most, as the ambiance is not that of a conventional bar. The goal of the establishment is to offer patrons a place to grab a drink, immerse themselves in fantasy, and unwind after a stressful day. Therefore, customers should not be concerned about loud music playing in the background, as the bar is intended to provide a magical ambiance with a chill vibe.

Initially, the place was planned to be a café bar but after discovering the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their magical drinks, the place decided to focus on providing a variety of fairytale-like drinks, served in an atmosphere that reminded Harry Potter book. The bar is perfect for those looking to take a break from their nine-to-five, and to just sit down, have a drink, and escape the dreading boredom of the real world.

Like many of us in this generation, the owners of the bar were inspired by the world of the Harry Potter series, seeing it as the ultimate chance for fantasy fans to transport themselves into a parallel realm, of course, minus the fight against dark lords and evil sorcerers. The owners wanted to gift fantasy fans an opportunity to be safe from the mundane worries of the real world and indulge in their guilty pleasure of some magical time off.

While the bar offers many interactive activities for customers such as magical quizzes and VIP screenings of thematic movies, this is only the beginning for fantasy fans and The Magical Owl, as the bar aims to expand this magical universe by leaving room for future interactive events and opportunities for customers to engage in creativity and a love for a world of mystery and enchantment.

We advise you to make a reservation, especially on weekends due to limited space.


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