Feb 26, 2024

Taste of France: This New Shop in Prague Offers 100% Unique Delicatessen

Aux Champs Gaulois is a new delicatessen shop with 100% French products, supplying you with quality products from all regions of France.

We met Gabriel, a France enthusiast of Slovak descent – the owner of Aux Champs Gaulois – to talk more about his new adventure.

“The shop’s selection includes cheeses, butter, jams, terrines, chocolate, wine, and even ready meals. With around 150 products in store, there is something for everyone,” he said to Prague Morning.

Visiting the shop is like walking through French fields and meadows, and picking up delightful snacks as you go. But Gabriel is not only a fan of French nature; it’s the food and culture he set out to bring to Prague.

With the help of his sister, who spent 20 years in France, he was one of the first entrepreneurs to bring French groceries to the Czech Republic. “Italian is great, but it’s been done before. This is something new!”, shares Gabriel.

So, what should you look for in Aux Champs Gaulois? Most shoppers reach for the sweets and no wonder! The chocolate is made “bean to bar”, meaning the producer gets the cocoa beans from their own field.

The pasta is on par with its Italian counterpart, the production of which follows an original process developed back in the 18th century.

Let’s not forget about French butter – one of TikTok’s viral sensations of 2023. “They mix a tiny pinch of salt into it”, says Gabriel about the butter-making process. It’s amazing how much of a difference a small adjustment can make!

If you can only try one thing, Gabriel recommends going for the pastis terrine from the Provence region. The combination of star anise and fennel creates a sweet and fresh taste, which is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. The black olive and fig caviar is another standout in terms of flavor. It would make the perfect addition to your charcuterie board or picnic basket.

A nation that relies heavily on grandma’s cooking and simple recipes cannot be expected to make everything from scratch. Those in a pinch can delight in the ready-made meals.

The store offers jars of traditional French foods, made lovingly at the Conserverie Saint-Christophe in Argoules. You can dish up Carbonnades Flamande, Chicken Marengo, or Pot’je Vlees in a matter of minutes! All it takes is a microwave.

Everything is locally produced in France with very low production volumes. The suppliers hand-package their products, which can’t be said for the big brands we’re used to seeing in supermarkets. “It took a year of tasting to find the producers we work with today”, he says.

Gabriel is especially proud of the selection he’s put together because the products contain no preservatives and are 100% bio. The greater goal of the shop is to teach people to eat better, like the French. The owner’s mantra is simple: “Eat better – feel better.”

The shop’s sales support that statement. Czech people are travelling more and gaining curiosity about different cultures. “Many are beginning to recognize French products, and even crave them,” he added.

To satisfy the rising demand and continue promoting healthier eating habits, Gabriel is opening a new shop in March. The new branch will bring an exclusive selection of goods from the south of France at a lower price point.

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