Apr 05, 2024

The best bars to visit in Prague

As one of Europe’s most appealing destinations, Prague has something for everyone to enjoy.

Sightseers can wonder at the incredible architecture, take a trip down the river, and visit the city’s famous astronomical clock; foodies can try popular local dishes such as kulajda, a traditional potato soup, peprenky, a bar snack of marinated carp, goulash, made with beef or pork, and svickova, a beef stew served with bread dumplings.

Visitors who want to party are utterly spoiled for choice in Prague, from casino bingo games to hardcore clubbing, and the incredible nightlife is one of the things that makes the city so appealing to travellers. If you want to find the best bars in town, there are a few that anyone heading to Prague should seek out:

Pivo a parek

For the classic, traditional Czech bar drinking experience, you cannot beat Pivo a parek. The name translates as ‘beer and hotdogs’, so it should come as no surprise that both of these traditional Czech offerings are on the menu to an impressive degree.

Visitors love the variety of beers on offer at Pivo a parek as the options change weekly meaning you can go back over and over again without ever getting bored. The garden is the perfect place to enjoy a beer and a hotdog, and they even offer takeaway bottles in case you want to continue the party at home.

Pivnice U Sadu

If you want an authentic Czech bar experience, this is one of the best places to go. The building dates back to the 1920s and the commitment to bringing their customers the best beers has obviously benefitted from a century of refinement.

There are always at least ten draught beers on tap, waiting for eager drinkers to come and sample the very best the Czech brewing industry has to offer. With a surprisingly spacious interior, local beer enthusiasts throng to this spot because of the excellent drink offerings, but the quirky interior decor and traditional Czech cuisine also contribute to the hugely convivial atmosphere.


If you’re in Prague to celebrate something, then make a beeline for this bar and wonder at the extensive list of champagnes they have on ice, just ready for you to pop the cork and make your nice extra special. The interior is beautifully decorated, with a chic fine arts style to the design, but the beauty of the surroundings seems to nurture a truly welcoming and relaxing environment.

There’s no dress code, the staff are attentive but not fawning, and the champagne list is so extensive that it truly has to be seen to be believed. If you want somewhere special to splash out but want to feel welcomed and comfortable, L’Fleur is the perfect place to go.


Wine lovers will be thrilled to discover this unique bar that serves only wine from the countries within the former Austro-Hungarian Empire such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Croatia. While these countries are not traditionally thought of as wine-producing ones, the variety of wines available simply serves as proof that these regions have been underestimated.

There is no wine list – the wines available depend on the mood of the staff and the patrons, and the experts on hand are always happy to share their knowledge and make recommendations. Although this bar offers all the expertise you might expect from a specialist outfit, the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Anonymous Shrink’s Office

While there are those who go out to relax and have fun with friends, Prague also caters for the agents of chaos, the visitors who feel compelled to seek out the unusual or outlandish. Anonymous Shrink’s Office is just the place for these individuals and anyone else who wants to drink in a bar that they will definitely be able to remember.

Guests ring a doorbell and are led to a leather chair where they can sit in physical comfort while their minds are probed. The menu features a series of Rorschach tests to divine the inner truth of what you want to drink, and the mixologists create a drink designed to soothe your psyche with its therapeutic properties.

Beer Geek

For those who want to sample as many beers as possible on their trip, Beer Geek is the place to go. While most bars will offer at least a couple of lagers on tap, Beer Geek takes this to a whole other level with more than thirty microbrews on tap from all around the world.

You can try beers from Belgium, Germany, and the US, as well as locally brewed sours and stouts, you can work your way through the menu and have a truly international drinking experience.  This bar is a must for beer enthusiasts, but there are also eleven types of chicken wings, generating a near-infinite number of beer and wing combinations for you to try.

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